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Beta Test Plugins

I have set up a little program so that you can download the current working version of a few of my plugins. These may or may not be the same as the ones in the WordPress Repository. I do my testing here, so if the site is not crashing it is probably OK to download the plugins for your sites.

You can read here how to manually install a WordPress plugin.

If I specifically mention that there is some bug fix in the beta version then it can be assumed that I have yet to upload the plugin.

The Stop Spammers plugin will go away in a few months. As soon as I get a stable version I will stop any support. I do not have time to deal with it. It was a fun project which is no longer fun. As soon as everyone has a chance to upgrade to the final version I will ask WordPress to remove it from the repository.


x-forwarded-fix – fix IP for proxy servers (Dangerous)
Rss2Post Auto-Poster
Exit Screen Plugin

Please uninstall and delete the bb-fix-stop-spam plugin. I have included its functionality in the 4.1 Beta test of stop-spammer-registrations-plugin. Download and install the stop-spammer-registrations-plugin and test that.

37 Responses to “Beta Test Plugins”

  1. eBSI Export Academy says:

    forgot to subscribe for replies…

  2. eBSI Export Academy says:

    I really like the stop spammers plugin but am sad to see it will go… what other plugins can you recommend that fulfill the task yours does?

    Also as a comment – it would be great if the plugin displayed the IP address of registrations pending activation as I could take the IPS and put them into the black list.

    also it would be good if I click that a registration is SPAM it should report the registratioon to the various spam lists, REMOVE the registrant and blacklist their email and IP automatically.

    Thanks and Best regards


  3. Summer says:

    I am using the stop spammer plugin v. 5.9.3 on my site. I also use CloudFlare and when I use the CloudFlare plugin it actually reports the actual IP address of someone who is attempting to comment or login. So the Stop Spammers plugin actually works well. Before I could scroll all the way to the end of the options page it had stopped 3 attempts (1 minute maybe). Where before installation I got 2000 registrants today. So it appears to work fine.

    In reading about the plugin and seeing that support is going to end in a few months (dated 2012) I am a little bummed because it is the first thing that has worked this well. You say you will have a stable plugin and when everyone has it you will have it removed from WordPress plugins. How will I know if I have the last stable version?

    Sorry if I sound a little nutty but, I actually am. :) This is a really great plugin!

    I am also looking at a few other plugins of yours but my ‘to do’ list is always longer than my ‘am able’ list, being that I am totally bedridden.

    Thanks for your work!


    • Keith says:

      There will be a version 6.0. I am trying to design this so as individual components so that the framework will never have to change and then I, or others, can release modules, upgrades or additions as separate plugins that link into the main one. The plugin doesn’t look likely to die, but I cannot handle the support at all so I am trying to redesign it so I am less involved.


  4. Mike says:

    Hello, is the no right click image plugin compatible with WordPress 3.8?

  5. Tony says:

    Newest version of plugin doesn’t update properly on multiple installs (5.6); I suspect it’s something to do with the version number set in the plugin. Running updates simply tells you that you still have 5.5 and you need to update to 5.6, but the update keeps you at 5.5.

    • Keith says:

      I did not update the version in the widget – I have released a new version to clobber the bad one. It should be better now.


  6. Bogdan says:

    Hi, I just updated to the newest version 5.6. Actually, I am trying. Even though the update indicates successful finish, the system still think that I am still on the previous version 5.5 and keeps asking me to apply update again… :) This is the first time it happened to me.


  7. G Peckham says:

    Hi, I have just installed your plugin and went to look at the settings and the link takes me toone of my pages!!! So I can’t access settings!

  8. Steve says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’ve just run across something that may need your attention.

    On the ‘spammer history’ page, if the plugin decides a user has passed all the checks, his IP is added to the white list. If I decide the IP belongs to a spammer (You may remember the email I sent a while back about a user called “Admin” passing all the checks), and I click the small button next to the ip (add xx.xx.xx.xx to blacklist), the ip isn’t automatically removed from the good cache.

    Unless I remember to manually remove the ip from the good cache, the IP ends up in both the black list and the white list at the same time.

    I’m not sure if that’s a feature or a flaw :)

    Steve G

  9. Vidal says:

    I got same errors as @Grant , please how can I fix?

    Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URL in /home/sense4de/public_html/mobigeni/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 284

    Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URI in /home/sense4de/public_html/mobigeni/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 285

    Notice: Undefined index: ORIG_PATH_INFO in /home/sense4de/public_html/mobigeni/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 286

    Notice: Undefined index: REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URL in /home/sense4de/public_html/mobigeni/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 287

    Notice: Undefined index: REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URI in /home/sense4de/public_html/mobigeni/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 288

    • Keith says:

      It is a bug. I just fixed it here on, and I will upload to WordPress later today after I load it on a few websites and see how they are doing.


  10. Grant says:

    I upgraded from 4.2 Stop Spammers Registration Plugin, skipping 4.3 and 5.0 directly to 5.1. When I now activate the plugin I get the following errors at the top of every page:

    Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URL in /f2/dvlug/public/blog/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 284

    Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URI in /f2/dvlug/public/blog/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 285

    Notice: Undefined index: ORIG_PATH_INFO in /f2/dvlug/public/blog/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 286

    Notice: Undefined index: REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URL in /f2/dvlug/public/blog/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 287

    Notice: Undefined index: REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URI in /f2/dvlug/public/blog/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 288

    Any suggestions?

    • Keith says:

      These are warnings, not errors.

      What is happening here is I am checking for the +++link.profile+++ string that bad spambots sometimes add to the url. Not all installations support these Server variables, so I guess yours is one of them.

      I will have to add an if array_key_exists to check on these. I will get to it as soon as I can and post the change here. In the mean time is there any way to turn off warning notices?


  11. Craig says:

    We installed Stop Spammer Registration and have great hope for it solving our spam issues. However, attempting to login with a wrong user/pass is yielding the following error message:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_page_permastruct() on a non-object in /home/legacy/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/link-template.php on line 271

    WP 3.7 BP 1.8.1 bbPress 2.4.1

    Any thoughts / suggestions?

  12. Rob says:

    Waste? You mean there’s other stuff to spend money on???

  13. Rob says:

    Hey Keith,

    Connected to a friend’s system remotely, logged in with on her browser with a hotmail address – blocked. Works like a charm!

    And if I can ever monetize this damn site- you’re on my donate list man!

    Thanks again….

  14. Rob says:

    Hey Keith,

    I’m running the latest versions of both WP and BP and getting absolutely nailed with hotmail spams so I want to block – almost all of my users are from .org or .edu’s.

    I put in the block domain list and when that didn’t work I put hotmail in the Spam Word List and check the “check spam words” box.

    But I was still able to go and register using a hotmail address with no problems.

    Not sure if I missed something???

    Any help would be great!
    Thank you.

    • Keith says:

      It could be that your IP address is white listed. By default your IP is added to the white list when you log in. This prevents you from being locked out the next time you log in from that IP. First, clear the cache on the Spammer history page. Then you can un-check the box in the stop spammer settings page that has automatically adds your ip to the white list and then delete your IP from the white list. You have to be logged off for the plugin to check your comments.

      Once you are logged out, try again. Let me know if the Hotmail domain is blocked.

      You may not be able to get back in, though, because the plugin will put your IP in the bad cache. This should not happen, because by default, you should be able to get back in if your enter the correct password. If it doesn’t you have to go in by FTP and delete the plugin and then reinstall it.

      Once you get back in, clear the cache on the Spammer History page, so you won’t get locked out.


  15. Mike says:

    Hello Keith, are there any plans to make the “no right click” plugin compatible with wordpress 3.6?

    • Keith says:

      I’m running it on 10 sites that have 3.6 installed and it works on all of them.

      I have not updated the WordPress repository to indicate this, but I know it works.


  16. Nick says:

    Im a first time wordpress user, and am testing some different options for a couple sites I am doing. I installed you right click disable on images and seems to work initially, but if you left click it enlarges the photo and from there you are able to right click and save. Any thoughts on what I could do, or did I mess something up?

    • Keith says:

      When you add an image to wordpress there is a check box that lets you open the image in a new window when clicked. This is the default. However, when you click on the image it leaves wordpress so that my plugin no longer is in control. It is just a normal window showing an image. You can fix this by editing the web page and finding the target=”_blank” and deleting that parameter.


  17. WP version : 3.6
    Stop Spammers Registration version : 4.3

    We moved to a new host and a conflict started with the Stop Spammers Registration plugin and MailPress, essentially keeping MailPress from functioning (we’re not sure if this interfered with Stop Spammers Registration plugin).

    These 2 plugins didn’t conflict on the old host so we’re baffled as to what is happening.

    We left the Cron open-ended so we would receive any errors, this is what we received…

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent in /home/cgservic/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 72
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent in /home/cgservic/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/stop-spammer-registrations.php on line 72

    We thought about uninstalling and reinstalling the Stop Spammers Registration plugin but weren’t sure if we would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, if you know what we mean…

    Any thoughts?

    • Keith says:

      It appears that stop spammers is using the session and conflicting
      with someone else who is using a session.

      The latest version is stable and does not use sessions – too many
      people complained about it. It is using cookies instead.

      If you download the latest version from you should see
      the problem go away.


  18. Jena says:

    This plugin puts our mind at ease. I’m just as glad as everyone else who are catching these spammers before they can even leave comments on our blog. Thanks Keith.

    I’m not a Beta Tester. I’m just too scared to break my site. ha ha ha

  19. David says:

    I am using a custom front end registration/login plugin, will your plugin still work?

    • Keith says:

      It may work. Sometimes a custom plugin will bypass things so that the plugin will not be able to stop spam registrations.


  20. Ovidiu says:

    Thanks Keith, I’ve done so and will report back if this occurs again – hopefully not ;-)

  21. Keith says:

    There is a new version of No Right Click Images. Please test.

    There is a new version of Permalink Finder. Please test.


  22. Keith says:

    I just uploaded a new version of 4.2 that ignores wp-cron.php

    wp-cron may have vulnerabilities, expecially for some plugins that aren’t careful how they use it. I will not be checking cron requests because it can generate false rejections and then puts the user who triggered the mess in the reject cache. This is not good.

    Unless I can think of another way around this, I will ignore requests to wp-cron.

    Install the latest beta test, clear the cache, and see if the problem recurs.


  23. Ovidiu says:

    Running 4.2 Stop Spammers plugin and again my own server IP gets blocked as a spammer? Its actually blocking wp-cron !?

    see here please:

  24. Marie says:

    PLEASE HELP! I downloaded your last verion of Stop spammer registration and it totally broke my blog, i can’t access to it anymore (www.mademoiselle-marie) and the error sentence is : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homez.170/mademoisdz/www/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/includes/stop-spam-reg-widget.php on line 6

  25. Keith says:

    10/12/2012 – version of stop spammer…

    Removed the sanitize email checks to fix issue with Buddy Press. Please report if fixed.


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