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I Updated Stop Spammer Registrations – Disaster

I had been running the new Stop Spammer Registrations plugin for about a week on 5 different sites. I had no problems so I released it.

Unfortunately there was a problem. I don’t know why, but suddenly the sfs db started returning everyone as a spammer, even me. I don’t know why. It is either in the SFS site who is responding to simple IP queries as false positives, or else the html class that I am using is returning an error code that the plugin sees as a false negative. I don’t know what I could have changed at the last minute that cause this problem.

I had to scramble. I found a temporary fix and re-released the software. In the process some of the testing code was released in the new plugin. The new version also has debugging turned “on” so some users are going to see error messages. I need to get the very next version stable. I need to track down exactly why the plugin failed in the first place so I can do more than put a band-aid on the code. I need to release a new version, possibly early next week.

The good news is that I sold three books. One paperback and two kindle. I am pretty sure this was support from the 1,000 or so users who downloaded the plugin (I get random sales from Amazon, but I think I can trace these to the plugin – 7 clicks on Error Message Eyes and 2 clicks on Frogs in Aspic and 1 click on Sonny Boy Harmonica resulting in 3 sales.). 3 sales out of 1,000 downloads is damn good. Thanks, friends.

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  1. Mark Burton says:

    I installed stop spammers and again it appears to be returning everyone as a spammer. It also interferes with the picatcha plugin.
    A shame as it would be a great resource but I’m having to disable it.

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