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Moved BlogsEye to a new Server

My domains got slower and slower and have started moving them to another hosting company. I called three times so far and twice HostGator has fixed the problem only to have it reoccur.

BlogsEye was one of the slowest. Now it is pretty spiffy., my oldest domain, was very slow, too. I’ve moved that site and now it is fast again. As I watch it, I am getting three spam attempts every two minutes. It is the same garbage repeated over and over. I get a hit with a scrambled comment attempt and then almost immediately I will get the exact same hit from two other IP addresses.

This pattern occurs every minute or so. It is garbage content with random looking links. It comes in a series of three, from three different IP addresses. The IP addresses don’t repeat. This is obviously robot behavior and JT30 is being targeted because it is a high page rank site with lots of traffic.

My Stop Spammer plugin catches 99% of them, and then Akismet gets the rest. Every once in a while, I will find one in my spam list and have to report it.

I had a bbs for, but it got so much spam that I’ve deleted it.

The Science Fiction bbs uses SMS and Stop Forum Spam extensions, so it gets no spam, just an occasional browser who wants to register and is denied.

The bottom line is that I am getting rid of HostGator little by little. I don’t like not having any redundancy, but I will save a hundred or so a year.

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